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Why Do I Need a Fully Custom Computing System?

For most users of ‘out-of-the-box’ computer systems, but for photographers especially, technology and systems are simply not built for what you need it to do straight off the shelf. There is a definitive end and limit to how far pre-built computers can go when it comes to supporting high-stakes creative businesses and photography production.

What do we mean by this? Probably some things you've experienced: slow speeds, limited software capabilities, and generally, more frustration.

Investing in high-end, custom computing hardware with specialized components will allow you as a creative professional to maximize your efficiency, your art, and improve your bottom line. The return on investment from a bespoke system is unmatched for imaginative minds to create, prosper and grow their businesses.

Our System Ideology

  • We custom build your system from the best available parts, that fit within your budget, in order to ensure max productivity within your unique workflows.
  • We take the time to understand what hardware you need and what you don’t, with an eye towards future expansion
  • Included with your Custom System purchase, is a live setup consultation. We talk you through the setup process, right down to which cable goes into which plug. We aren’t happy until your system is working perfectly for you.
  • Once built, your custom system will come with your primary software pre-installed and immediately ready for use.
  • As with any custom solution, overall cost is dependent on your particular needs. We of course aim to provide value, but know that professional products are not inexpensive. To that end, you will not pay for anything that won’t actually help your business. We give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.
  • On average, it is a two week turnaround time from our initial consultation to your system arriving at your home.

Our Process and What to Expect

First, submit our Custom Build form so that we can schedule an interview where we can get to know you, your business and your needs.

Following the first consultation, we present you with custom build options at various price points (Premium, Professional, and Budget) that address your specific wants and needs.

When we have agreed on your custom solution. We order all the parts, build it, and ship it to you directly. Usually 2 weeks after our first conversation.

When you receive your system we will have our “setup” call. We talk you through everything from which cable goes in which port, to logging in and setting up your software. We will not get off the line until your system is working perfectly for you.

We will have follow-up appointments to address any future upgrades required in order to keep you operating smoothly and efficiently.

Your Trusted Technology Partner

We support you and your system for the first 6 months via our ZenCare Support. For a small monthly fee this will continue for as long as you desire.

Start Your Custom Build

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"...I have a zen feeling when I am editing now. You have lifted a burden."

"Just finished using it for the first time, it’s freaking amazing."

“I’m ridiculously happy. The editing speed is what’s important and holy crap it’s fast. I can’t thank you enough”

Our Parent Company

ZenBuilt is a proud member of the ZenFlow Technologies family, where your small business growth starts with strong tech. When your technology breaks, doesn’t work, or hinders your small business growth, ZenFlow Technologies gives you someone to call. When your hardware or software isn’t designed for what you need it to do, ZenFlow Technologies can build you something completely custom.

Reclaim your time and stay focused on what’s important in your life knowing that you have a trusted technology partner. n.

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