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What Goes Into Each Build?

The basic components of a computer are the motherboard, processor, RAM and storage, and the externals: PC case, power supply, monitor and the peripherals - keyboard, mouse, speakers. That said, it’s so much more than just a piece of hardware that we build for you.

Each of our custom computers are just as unique as the individual who will be using them. We hand select parts from manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, Corsair, Asus, Asrock, Nvidia, G-Skill, Kingston, and others based on their current capabilities, future expansion, budget and reliability.

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We Source From the Very Best in Hardware

Tried and true, but flexible enough to meet any budget. We use the highest quality parts and hardware from the following brands.

What does this mean for you?

ZenBuilt Systems Save You Time

Scenario: Time to import of 143 images to Lightroom.

Existing customer's prior system
4 mins 37 seconds

Scenario: Time to import of 450 raw photos and videos to Lightroom.

Existing customer's prior system
45 minutes

Scenario: Time to apply preset to existing Lightroom gallery.

Existing customer's prior system
16 mins 8 seconds

Customer Success Story

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Business: Novita Family Photo

“Before I got my computer from ZenBuilt, I was working with an iMac that was supposedly good for photographers. However, it was loud, bulky and SLOW.

When I met with ZenBuilt for the first time to discuss what I needed in a computer, they helped me understand why my current machine wasn't a good fit for my needs, and explained (in non-technical people terms) what specifications were going to work well for me and my business. They also helped me understand some simple process/workflow changes I could make to optimize the speed of whatever machine I ended up getting. Whether I decided to buy or not, they really took the time to understand my needs and leave me with tangible action steps to improve my tech issues right from the first call.

ZenBuilt built a BEAST for me! I had always been a Mac user (because ya know - that's what photographers are supposed to use), but they helped me understand that a PC would give me more bang for my buck and still produce amazing results. I have ZERO regrets on the switch."

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