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Your System is Only as Good as “Its Brain”

Good thing we know how to make a good "brain." At ZenBuilt, we have spent years studying and researching which components work best to fulfill the most important software needs of our clients. Not only do we study these softwares, but we use them ourselves and can speak confidently from experience.

In particular, we’ve found time and time again that Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro are the right tools for the trade. We grow and scale from there, but these are tried and true as baseline software for photographers and videographers especially, but for any visually creative professional looking to create impactful content.

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Our systems come preloaded with the highest quality photography software.

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Customer Success Story

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Business: Nurtured Empowerment Birth and Photo Services

"Where do I start with raving about just how much ZenBuilt’s expertise tremendously improved my workflow and business productivity?

I was using an old laptop computer to handle all my business affairs on top of editing endless galleries for photography, and when I say it took ages to complete one task, I'm talking I could walk away and eat an entire meal in the time it took to finish one task of uploading files or exporting galleries. My computer could not keep up and it was costing me valuable time in my personal life and delaying my delivery for my clients.

Meeting ZenBuilt and talking about everything I needed in a computer system to successfully operate my business was a game changer. They listened to what I was doing and started brainstorming ways to improve my flow. They ended up building me a laptop and monitor that made editing my photography 10x better. They broke down the science and technology into digestible information, and consulted me on literally every piece to ensure that it was something that was financially feasible and made sense in the long run.

Since completing my computer setup, I have literally cut down my work time to a quarter of what it used to take, and I am much more productive and organized in one setting. I am so so grateful for ZenBuilt and their expertise! Seriously would recommend to the entire world if they goes worldwide!!"

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